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Bané Obrenovich is an award-winning marketer residing in Los Angeles. He doesn’t like speaking in third person, so he will now switch to first.

What I love the most is helping my marketing team members advance in their careers, which is why my most proud achievements include helping one team member get promoted to director of marketing, another to lead graphic designer, another to head of experiential marketing and a few more to other cool positions.

Yes, as a director of marketing I also helped one of my former employers double revenue in one year, expand to Latin America and launch a new product that generated $7M in sales in the first year.

And I also helped another employer enter a new vertical, grow brand recognition from 0% to 70% in 18 months and go from under $1M to $7.4M in revenue in that vertical in two years.

And I lead my team to win three MarCom gold awards and one PR Daily honorable mention (we got beat by Microsoft that time). But what I love the most is seeing my marketing team succeed, my team members excel and grow, and my employer’s brand leave its competition in the dust.

When not working on the next marketing campaign, I spend my time playing guitar at open mic nights, reading textbooks for my MBA classes or riding my motorcycle through Mexico. This is now awkwardly starting to sound like a dating profile, so I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

I am open to a full time position leading marketing teams for small-to-medium size companies that want to grow fast. And I am also open to consulting engagements that involve crafting marketing strategies, content marketing plans, brand development strategies and lead-gen initiatives. I am especially fond of B2B companies. My resume is below, and the contact link is above :)

Download Résumé

Download Résumé