Micro Content for Macro Results:
Tom’s Tek Tips


The primary goal of this micro-content campaign was to contribute to the overall brand awareness by promoting one of the company’s subject matter experts as a thought leader in the industry and by helping him become an industry influencer.

Strategy and Tactics

Tom Meehan, the company’s Chief Strategy Officer, joined the company the year prior. While he was already fairly well-known in the industry as an expert on loss prevention technology, the Marketing Team seized the opportunity to amplify his voice by giving him a regular micro-column in the most widely read e-newsletter among loss prevention professionals, the D&D Daily (estimated 25,000 subscribers). The strategic intent was to grow Tom’s name recognition and stature among the target audience by having him be consistently present in the publication every week, and, by association, extending the company’s brand awareness. Promoting one of our own people perfectly fit with the company’s slogan: “Solutions that protect. People that deliver.” This also made the campaign neatly fit our other campaigns and our broader marketing message.


Tom’s Tek Tip blog page

Tom’s Tek Tip blog page

Tom’s Tek Tips were conceived as bite-sized lessons on technology for busy loss prevention professionals. Each Tom’s Tek Tip was written so that it could be read in under 30 seconds.

The Marketing Team set down with Tom and helped him develop a list of topics and calendar. Tom wrote the tips himself, and the Team helped edit them to be publication-ready. The Team then created custom graphics to serve as banners and other visuals accompanying the Tips.

The micro-campaign debuted in September of 2017, and maintained unbroken weekly presence in the D&D Daily industry newsletter. The Team was able to secure the placement of the mini-column free of charge, leveraging the existing advertising contract with the publication and positioning the micro-content as the added value to the publication.

The Team shared the campaign on the social media channels. At the same time, Tom shared it regularly too, and more than doubled his number of followers in just six months – on LinkedIn alone he went from having 3,500 followers in December, 2017, to having over 7,000 by the end of June, 2018.

Next, the Team set up a special blog on the company’s website just for Tom’s Tek Tips, in order to drive more traffic from those visitors who found one on the Tips in the D&D Daily and wanted to peruse previous ones.

The Team extended the reach of this micro-content campaign by using it in the company’s external newsletter, sent to all our clients and prospects.

Just a week before the most important trade show of the year, the Marketing Team got an idea to package 20-or-so already published Tek Tips onto a physical mini-book to use as a giveaway. The Team executed the design of the booklet in under 24 hours, and had 500 copies available at the trade show.

Following the success at this trade show, the Team started using small goodie-bags (with a 5-Hour Energy, candy and of course, the Tom’s Tek Tips booklet) as giveaways for all future trade shows and conferences instead of traditional swag. The booklets were also used in a direct mail campaign, and provided to the Sales Team to share with their clients and prospects.

Custom swag: Tom’s Tek Tip booklets packaged with other goodies.

Finally, in order to tie in this micro-content campaign to a wider advertising campaign, the Team featured Tom in one of the print ads, as well as in digital ads.

Tom Ad.JPG


The most concrete metric showing the effectiveness of the campaign is that Tom’s following on social media more than doubled in just six months, going from 3,500 followers on LinkedIn in December, 2017 to over 7,000 at the end of June, 2018.

Tom Speaking.JPG

Additionally, Tom received more speaking invitations than he did prior to this campaign.

Finally, one important change the Marketing Team noted at the biggest trade show of the year was that (1.) more visitors to the booth came looking specifically for for the company, rather than wondering in; and (2.) visitors spent an average between 15-20 minutes in the booth engaged with the company’s staff, including Tom who was present. This is an improvement over the same show last year, when visitors spent 5-7 minutes on average in the booth. While this success cannot be attributed solely to this micro-content campaign, there are sufficient indications that it contributed in a meaningful manner. For example, Tom told the Marketing Team that he kept hearing the same sentence from many people who talked to him: “Man, suddenly I see you everywhere.”

A combination of metrics and anecdotal evidence points to the conclusion that, while Tom’s Tek Tips campaign certainly increased Tom’s personal brand value, it did so for the company’s brand as well.

Case Study: Micro Blog

This micro blog started in the digital spaced and quickly evolved into a small book, trade show swag and a series of speaking engagements. It also won a 2018 MarCom Gold Award in the category of print media.