An Award-Winning Blog Series:
Confessions of a Forensic Interviewer


The primary goal of this thought-leadership campaign was to increase brand awareness in the retail loss prevention industry by developing content written from the point of view of a loss prevention investigator that the target audience can easily identify with and find valuable.

Click on the image to see the whole blog series.

Click on the image to see the whole blog series.

Strategy, Tactics and Execution

The Marketing Team identified an employee within the company, Stefanie Hoover, who is a talented writer and who has a strong background in retail loss prevention investigations. The Team helped Stefanie develop a content writing strategy and schedule, and also provided editing and brainstorming assistance. The Team placed a great deal of emphasis on preserving Stephanie’s authentic voice. The Team then pushed Stefanie’s articles though all available marketing channels: the company blog, external client newsletter, social media, trade show materials and placement in industry publications.

Click on the image to read the blog post.

Click on the image to read the blog post.

The loss prevention industry’s main publication, LP Magazine, picked up the article series and gave it a monthly spot in its magazine. To brand Stefanie’s blog, the team gave it a catchy title—Confessions of a Forensic Interviewer—and also created a unique graphic incorporating Stefanie’s portrait to visually tie in every instance of the blog publication inside and outside of our marketing channels.


At the end of its first year the blog had three measurable successes. The first was getting picked up by the most popular industry publication, with 25,000 subscribers who are the company’s prime audience, thus increasing brand awareness and positioning it as a thought leader. The second was Stefanie getting new speaking engagements at industry conferences, further boosting the brand in both exposure and engagement. The third was winning the MarCom Gold Award in the best overall blog category.

Case Study: Blog Series

This thought leadership campaign helped boost the company’s brand awareness and won a 2018 MarCom Gold Award in the category of best overall blog.